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Q: Do I really need to take slimming pills? Can’t I just eat more veg and do some exercise?

A.It depends, of course if you stick to a controlled diet of healthy foods, limit your daily calorie intake, and exercise regularly you will lose weight – No doubt about it. Where slimming pills and weight loss solutions come in, is to substancially increase your weight loss, and to help you shift stubborn weight.

Also not everyone can stick to both a healthy diet and regular exercise, so weight loss pills can help burn the fat quicker with less effort.

Q: Do we have to use all the products together?

A. No,  if you only want to lose a small amount of weight, or you’re not in a hurry, or you’re on a budget, you will still lose weight with one product only.

Q: Can i use all the SlimBetti products together if i want?

A. Yes you can,there are no contra indications by mixing all the products.

Q. I am confused as to which products to purchase, Which ones do which?

A.   Click here  to find your nearest pharmacy selling SlimBetti to answer this question.

Q: Why would I buy the ‘FibreTrim’?

A. You would prefer that physical full feeling in your stomach, as the capsule expands in your tummy.Great combination with “Active Xtreme.”

Q: Are the products safe for people with diabetes?

A. yes, all our products are safe for people with diabetes.

Q: Can people on anti-depressants use the products?

A. You can use all our products if you are on antidepressants.

Q: I have high blood pressure, which products can I use?

A. “All Our Products

Q: Can people with heart problems use the products?

A. We are going to pass this question to your own physician, as there could be many complications involved with this question.

Q: What about…… The huge list of other medical problems that people have?

A.The answer to all of them, is consult your physician/specialist/Dr, to be on the safe side.

Q: If i can’t be bothered to always eat breakfast within 30-60 min of getting out of bed in the morning,and drinking 2-3 litres of water a day,will these products still help me lose weight?

A. Yes,BUT nowhere near the amount of weight  you will lose, if you always eat breakfast within 30-60 min of getting out of bed in the morning,and drinking 2-3 litres of water a day.Eating when you get out of Bed kickstarts your metabolism for the day,and many times when you are hungry you are actually ignoring your thirst for water.Try it next time you feel hungry drink some water and see how it feels.

Q: Do i have to follow an eating plan whilst using these products?

A.No, you will lose weight with just using the products.However if you follow one of our eating plans you will maximise your weight loss in the shortest possible time.

Q: Where can I buy your products from?Is it available in ‘DIS-CHEM or Clicks’?

A. Slimbetti is available from over 120 private or small chain health shops and pharmacies right across the country. It is not available from  “Dis-Chem or Clicks”.   Slimbetti’s policy is that of customer care through personal attention, which we feel our pharmacies and health shops provide.Click here to see our stockists

Q: I have been using Slimbetti products for……… Days/weeks, and I haven’t yet seen the results I was looking for, what do I do?

A.Depending on how much weight you need to lose, will be one of the factors on how much you lose. For example if you are only 2 or 3 kg overweight, you are not going to lose that in a week, because you’re very close to your ideal weight. If say you are, for example, 20 kg overweight or more, then you would need to ask some of the following questions……

  1. Am I always eating breakfast within 60 min or less of getting out of bed?
  2. Am I drinking 2 to 3 L of water every day?
  3. Am I eating 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day, so that I never feel hungry?
  4. Am I drinking lots of  water instead of “cool drinks”Coffee,ECT?
  5. Am I taking the capsules/gel religiously as per the instructions?

If in the unlikely event you answered yes, to these 5 questions, then please contact our “weight loss helpline” on 0861 242 285  for free advice.Or “sms” your name,the area you live in,and the words “not working” to 072-055-9152,and we will call you, to find out why you have not lost the weight you were hoping for.

Q: If I eat healthy, have no cravings, do not over eat, will this product work for me?

A.  yes.

Q: If my cravings are after dinner, can I take more capsules?

A. Yes you can, but make sure you drink plenty of water, because if the body does not get enough water, it will make you feel hungry, so that you eat, it will then take the fluid from the food.

Q: Will these products keep me awake at night?

A. No,our products are natural, and stimulant free.

Q: Does your products give you the shakes or any side effects?

A.No,our products are natural, and stimulant free.